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Children’s Rehab is a renowned Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) facility located in Miami Gardens, FL. Since its establishment in 1991, Children’s Rehab has been committed to providing comprehensive medical daycare services to children in need. As a PPEC facility, we adhere to the stringent Florida requirements set forth to ensure the highest quality of care for pediatric patients. These requirements encompass a range of factors, including skilled nursing care, therapy services, and a safe and stimulating environment that promotes the well-being and development of children. As part of our dedication to serving families, Children’s Rehab PPEC free transportation goes above and beyond by offering this service to all enrolled children who qualify for PPEC, ensuring convenient access to the care and services they require.

Free Transportation for PPEC Children

Children’s Rehab understands the importance of convenient and safe PPEC free transportation for families with children enrolled in our PPEC program. With our door-to-door PPEC free transportation service, we ensure a hassle-free experience for parents and children alike. Offering round trip transportation, Children’s Rehab covers the journey from home to PPEC, PPEC School & Education, and PPEC to home. This comprehensive service ensures that children can seamlessly transition between different environments while receiving the care and support they need. Children’s Rehab goes the extra mile by extending our PPEC free transportation services to anywhere in South Florida, ensuring accessibility for families across the region.

One of the key advantages of Children’s Rehab PPEC free transportation services is that they are completely free for PPEC eligible children. This alleviates the financial burden on families and also demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive care. Parents are actively involved in the transportation coordination process as Children’s Rehab works closely with them to determine pick-up and drop-off times that best accommodate their schedules. Some parents of patients at Children’s Rehab prefer to drive their child to and from the facility and some take advantage of the PPEC free transportation as needed.

Safety is the number one priority at Children’s Rehab. The vehicles used for PPEC medical transportation services are compliant with PPEC and disability standards, ensuring a secure and comfortable journey for the children. To further enhance safety measures, qualified PPEC staff members always accompany the children during transportation, providing an extra level of supervision and care. Whether it’s for recurring daily pick-up and drop-off or as-needed trips, Children’s Rehab’s free transportation for PPEC children aims to make the journey to and from the facility as smooth and secure as possible for the families we serve.

Our Commitment to Safe Transportation

At Children’s Rehab, the deep commitment to ensuring the safety of every child during PPEC medical transportation services is highly valued by parents. The staff at Children’s Rehab understands and acknowledges the complexities and unique needs involved in transporting special needs children. Our unwavering dedication to maintaining high standards sets us apart in the field of pediatric care.

The team at Children’s Rehab is aware that special needs children may require additional support and accommodations during PPEC medical transportation services. We tailor our services around special needs education for PPEC, and the specific challenges and sensitivities associated with transporting these children. By recognizing the individual requirements of each child, Children’s Rehab can provide a safe and comfortable journey for everyone.

Parents entrust their children to Children’s Rehab because of our expertise and experience in transporting special needs children. Our deep commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of every child is a cornerstone of Children’s Rehab’s philosophy, fostering trust and building strong relationships with families.

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See What Our Clients Say About Us​

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…They go above and beyond to communicate about him. Facility is super clean and spacious. I have done a couple of pop ups and I have NEVER seen an unhappy or mistreated child or employee…
Denise Jaymes
Denise Jaymes
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Phenomenal school that really cares about their students. Very happy with the progress my son has made in the years he’s been enrolled
Shantaria Miller
Shantaria Miller
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My son Sema’j Birkins been good to this school since 1 years old. And it’s the best school for a child with special needs & the staff are amazing 😉
Aida Calviac
Aida Calviac
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More than a PPEC, the place works like a big family. They are all very loving with the children and make them feel at home. It is seen that there is harmony among the staff, they treat each other with great affection and respect...
Muna Sultan
Muna Sultan
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My daughter was approved for 5 months of services with PPEC and with their assistance, I think her health points and outcomes will improve.

Why We Offer Safe & Free Transportation

Parents of special needs children often face transportation challenges that can hinder their access to necessary services. Long working hours, distant locations, or reliance on public transportation can create obstacles. At Children’s Rehab, we believe that no child should be denied PPEC services due to transportation limitations. We offer reliable, safe, and free transportation for PPEC children in medically equipped, wheelchair-accessible vehicles to accommodate all patients. By providing accessible and free PPEC medical transportation services, Children’s Rehab aims to alleviate the burden on parents and ensure that every child can access the care they need without additional barriers.

Benefits of PPEC Free Transportation with Children’s Rehab

  • Accessibility: Free and safe transportation ensures that medically fragile children can access PPEC services regardless of transportation limitations.
  • Convenience: Parents are relieved of the burden of arranging and coordinating transportation, allowing them to focus on their child’s well-being.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that their child will be transported in medically equipped and wheelchair-accessible vehicles provides parents with reassurance and peace of mind.
  • Professional supervision: Qualified PPEC staff members always accompany children during free transportation for PPEC children, providing an extra level of supervision and care.
  • Time-saving: Parents can save valuable time by utilizing the facility’s PPEC free transportation services instead of navigating traffic or relying on public transportation.
  • Safety: The priority placed on safety guarantees that children are transported securely and comfortably, minimizing any potential risks or hazards.
  • Inclusivity: Free PPEC transportation promotes inclusivity by ensuring that all medically fragile children, regardless of their transportation limitations, have equal access to PPEC services.

We offer free transportation services for PPEC patients and find that it is an invaluable aid for families facing the complex care needs of medically fragile children. We are able to alleviate the logistical and financial burdens, ensuring that every child has access to the specialized care they require. By providing safe and convenient transportation, we enable families to focus on what truly matters – the well-being and development of their children – while promoting equity and access to vital healthcare resources.

We offer free transportation services for PPEC patients and find that it is an invaluable aid for families facing the complex care needs of medically fragile children. We are able to alleviate the logistical and financial burdens, ensuring that every child has access to the specialized care they require. By providing safe and convenient transportation, we enable families to focus on what truly matters – the well-being and development of their children – while promoting equity and access to vital healthcare resources.

Medical Daycare Nursing Care Services

Children’s Rehab provides exceptional care to children as a PPEC facility. We offer skilled nursing care, occupational therapy, educational support, free PPEC medical transportation services, among other services. Qualified nurses see to the medical needs of each child, and our therapists help improve motor skills and cognitive abilities. Our facility also ensures seamless school integration. PPEC free transportation eliminates logistical challenges for parents, ensuring easy access to the care their children need. We provide comprehensive and holistic support for children’s well-being and development.

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Benefits of PPEC Services with Children’s Rehab

When a child qualifies for PPEC services at Children’s Rehab, they have the opportunity to attend up to 12 hours a day, completely free of charge, so families do not have to worry about any out-of-pocket expenses for their child’s care. We offer free transportation for PPEC children to make sure logistics do not pose a barrier to accessing our services.

Children enrolled in PPEC at Children’s Rehab benefit from comprehensive care coordination, replacing the need for home nursing care. Each child’s unique needs and requirements are carefully considered, and a dedicated team of professionals works together to develop an individualized care plan to meet those needs effectively. Enrolling your child in PPEC services at Children’s Rehab also allows children to socialize and interact with other children in a similar situation, which is important for their emotional and social development, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Our approach ensures that the child receives consistent and specialized care in a safe and nurturing environment.

Who We Care For

At Children’s Rehab PPEC, we provide specialized care for individuals who qualify for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) services. Our dedicated team serves children who require various medical interventions, such as medication administration including insulin shots, tube feedings, tracheostomies, gastrointestinal tubes, and other specialized medical needs. We understand the unique challenges faced by premature babies and the potential developmental issues they may encounter. To ensure their safety and well-being, we have a baby room equipped with cribs where they are closely monitored, including the provision of oxygen support and seizure management if needed. There is often an overlap between children who meet the qualifying criteria for PPEC and those with developmental delays, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities, and we are well-equipped to support and care for these individuals as well.

Who Qualifies for PPEC

To qualify for PPEC services at Children’s Rehab, individuals must meet certain requirements. These services are available for individuals from birth through age 20 who have medically fragile or complex medical needs but are medically stable. It’s important to note that those who already qualify for home health services are highly likely to also meet the criteria for PPEC. At Children’s Rehab, we prioritize the well-being and comprehensive care of individuals with these unique medical needs, ensuring that they receive the specialized support and attention they require to thrive.

How to Apply for PPEC in Florida

To schedule a visit to our Children’s Rehab PPEC facility and explore the possibility of qualifying for our services, we invite you to reach out to us. You can contact us by phone at (305) 622-7575 or request a call by completing the form at the top of this page. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in determining if your child meets the criteria for PPEC services and guide you through the process. We understand that navigating insurance can be complex, but rest assured that we will work closely with your insurance company to help you understand the coverage options available. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information and support to make an informed decision about your child’s care. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our facility for a personalized assessment!

Other PPEC Services Included in Extended Care

At Children’s Rehab, we offer comprehensive care for children who are our patients, encompassing a wide range of services that are offered as part of our PPEC extended care services. With the flexibility of up to 12 hours of care per day and availability on Saturdays, we strive to meet the needs of busy families. In addition to our inclusive PPEC free transportation services, our patients benefit from a holistic approach to care, which includes nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, engaging recreational activities, and specialized schooling and education. By providing this comprehensive array of services, we aim to support the overall development and well-being of each child in our care.

Medical Daycare

Our PPEC medical daycare provides comprehensive care and services for children with complex medical needs in a structured daycare setting.
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Nursing Care

Our PPEC nursing care offers specialized medical care, including medication administration, monitoring vital signs, and addressing the unique needs of medically fragile children.
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on helping children develop fine motor skills, sensory integration, and cognitive abilities to enhance their daily functioning and independence.
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy aims to improve gross motor skills, strength, balance, and coordination through targeted exercises and interventions.
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Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy involves strategies and interventions to address behavioral challenges, promote social skills, and support emotional well-being in children.
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Recreational Activities

Our recreational activities provide children with opportunities for play, social interaction, and leisurely pursuits, promoting physical and emotional well-being.
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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on improving communication skills, language development, articulation, and swallowing abilities in children with speech and language disorders.
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Specialized Education

Our specialized education ensures that children receive tailored educational support and services to accommodate their unique learning needs and developmental goals.
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PPEC services are typically covered by insurance, including Medicaid, private insurance, and managed care plans. Our team at Children’s Rehab will work closely with your insurance provider to determine coverage and assist you in navigating the financial aspect of PPEC services.

As part of our comprehensive care, Children’s Rehab offers free transportation services. We provide reliable and safe transportation in medically equipped vehicles to ensure that your child can easily access our facility. Our team coordinates pick-up and drop-off times with parents to accommodate their schedules and make the transportation process convenient for families.

PPEC services at Children’s Rehab encompass a wide range of care and therapies. These services typically include nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, recreational activities, specialized education, and more. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to meet the unique needs of each child and promote their overall well-being and development. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services. 

PPEC services offer several advantages over home nursing care. Children’s Rehab provides a structured and nurturing environment where children receive specialized care and therapies under the supervision of qualified professionals. Our facility offers socialization opportunities with peers and access to a wide range of therapeutic interventions and educational resources that may not be available in a home setting.

At Children’s Rehab, we understand that many children may have both medical and developmental needs. Our comprehensive approach caters to children with co-occurring conditions, including developmental delays. We provide personalized care plans that integrate medical, therapeutic, and educational interventions to address the individual needs of each child and support their overall development.

Income eligibility criteria for PPEC services with Medicaid may vary depending on your state’s specific guidelines. We recommend reaching out to our team at Children’s Rehab to discuss your situation in detail. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in understanding the qualification criteria and help determine if your child is eligible for PPEC services with Medicaid based on your state’s income guidelines.