PPEC Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy For PPEC Patients

Established in 1991, Children’s Rehab provides a nurturing environment through its PPEC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care) medical daycare, dedicated to offering both robust medical care and PPEC behavioral therapy for children with complex medical conditions. PPEC facilities, regulated strictly by Florida state requirements, provide specialized, non-residential medical and therapeutic services to support the unique needs of these children. At Children’s Rehab, PPEC behavioral therapy is not only embedded as a vital part of the holistic care for PPEC-qualified kids but is also accessible as a standalone service. This ensures that all children, even those not medically fragile, can access crucial support for their behavioral health, allowing them to navigate through developmental and behavioral challenges with tailored assistance. In essence, Children’s Rehab stands as a multifaceted pillar, committed to the comprehensive wellbeing of children under its watchful, caring umbrella.

PPEC Behavioral Therapy

Navigating the intricate world of pediatric behavioral health, a multitude of specialized therapeutic approaches are provided to support the varied needs of children. Play therapy utilizes the natural language of children to help them express and work through their emotions and challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Group therapy brings children together, fostering a space where they can learn from and support one another, nurturing social skills and collective coping strategies. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) endeavors to alter harmful thought patterns, teaching children to challenge and change their negative beliefs through practical self-help strategies. In a similar vein, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) empowers them to embrace both acceptance and change, providing tools to manage their emotions and enhance their interpersonal skills. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) predominantly supports children with autism and related disorders, utilizing positive reinforcement strategies to encourage beneficial behaviors. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) guides children in committing to action that is consistent with their values, despite the emotional pain that might come with it. Lastly, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) aids those struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) by encouraging them to confront their fears and abstain from ritualistic behaviors, thereby breaking the cycle of OCD. These diverse therapeutic approaches underscore a comprehensive and versatile behavioral health service, aiming to cater to the distinct and individual needs of every child.

See What Our Clients Say About Us​

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…They go above and beyond to communicate about him. Facility is super clean and spacious. I have done a couple of pop ups and I have NEVER seen an unhappy or mistreated child or employee…
Denise Jaymes
Denise Jaymes
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Phenomenal school that really cares about their students. Very happy with the progress my son has made in the years he’s been enrolled
Shantaria Miller
Shantaria Miller
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My son Sema’j Birkins been good to this school since 1 years old. And it’s the best school for a child with special needs & the staff are amazing 😉
Aida Calviac
Aida Calviac
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More than a PPEC, the place works like a big family. They are all very loving with the children and make them feel at home. It is seen that there is harmony among the staff, they treat each other with great affection and respect...
Muna Sultan
Muna Sultan
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My daughter was approved for 5 months of services with PPEC and with their assistance, I think her health points and outcomes will improve.

Benefits of PPEC Behavioral Therapy with Children’s Rehab

The behavioral health services in a PPEC facility for medically fragile children not only serve as a therapeutic intervention but also as a fundamental pillar that supports the holistic development and enhancement of their life quality and overall well-being.

Enhancing Emotional and Behavioral Stability

Behavioral health therapy through a PPEC facility, especially for medically fragile children, holistically contributes to the enrichment of their emotional and psychological state. Such interventions promote positive behavior and encourage better moods, creating an overall stable emotional environment. Through various therapy modalities, children learn to control self-defeating thoughts and manage emotions effectively, which inherently improves their self-image and injects a robust sense of self-control.

Establishing Constructive Habits and Lifestyle

Medically fragile children, especially, can benefit from PPEC behavioral therapy to establish good habits early on, minimizing potential stressors and mitigating anxiety. The inclusion of such practices also has a tangible impact on physical health, such as improving sleep patterns, which is crucial for overall well-being and effective recovery or management of medical conditions.

Developing Cognitive and Problem-Solving Skills

Cognitive development, especially through therapies like CBT or ABA, introduces children to alternative ideas, thus refining their problem-solving skills. These skills assist in navigating through various life situations, fostering a mindset that readily adopts varying perspectives and deploys innovative solutions to challenges, thereby enhancing their adaptability and resilience.

Managing and Modulating Behaviors

Implementing PPEC behavioral therapy can notably control and manage impulsivity, defiance, and tantrums, particularly vital in creating a conducive environment for medically fragile children who may require consistent and calm surroundings. This becomes paramount not only in day-to-day interactions but also in ensuring that the child and those around them navigate through each day with minimized disruptions and maximized harmony.

Coping and Adaptation to Challenges

Providing new coping mechanisms is an invaluable tool that PPEC behavioral therapy offers, allowing children,  especially those who are medically fragile, to navigate through their emotional and physical challenges with fortified resilience. Equipping them with these skills ensures they possess a toolkit of strategies to lean on when confronted with situations that test their emotional and psychological mettle, thereby solidifying their ability to navigate through various life challenges with adeptness and assurance.

Behavioral therapy is a crucial element in the comprehensive care of our patients, addressing the unique challenges they face in their daily lives. These specialized interventions help our children manage their emotions, develop coping strategies, and enhance their social interactions. By integrating behavioral therapy into their care plans, Children’s Rehab supports these exceptional children in achieving a higher quality of life, empowering them to navigate the world with increased confidence and resilience.

Behavioral therapy is a crucial element in the comprehensive care of our patients, addressing the unique challenges they face in their daily lives. These specialized interventions help our children manage their emotions, develop coping strategies, and enhance their social interactions. By integrating behavioral therapy into their care plans, Children’s Rehab supports these exceptional children in achieving a higher quality of life, empowering them to navigate the world with increased confidence and resilience.

Medical Daycare Nursing Care Services

Children’s Rehab’s is a PPEC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care) facility in Miami Gardens, FL, offering compassionate, comprehensive, and specialized care for children with complex medical needs. Our foundational belief in delivering exceptional care is interwoven into every service we provide, ensuring that each child experiences a warm, nurturing, and medically proficient environment. The multifaceted care offered encompasses vigilant nursing services, ensuring their medical needs are met and seamlessly integrated into their daily routines. We prioritize education through our specialized MDCPS school programs, ensuring that their academic progression is unimpeded and tailored to their unique capabilities and needs. A gamut of therapies, including pivotal behavioral health therapy, is integrated into our approach, ensuring that their developmental, emotional, and social needs are ardently addressed alongside their medical care. Our team of dedicated professionals collaborates to cultivate a balanced and holistic care pathway for each child, underscoring the importance of their intellectual, emotional, and physical development. Thus, Children’s Rehab doesn’t merely provide care; we build a supportive community, where every child, regardless of their medical complexity, is empowered to explore, learn, and thrive amidst a backdrop of unwavering support and expert care.

ppec behavioral therapy

Benefits of PPEC Services with Children’s Rehab

Children’s Rehab is open 12 hours a day 5 days a week and 6 additional hours on Saturdays. The care during these hours includes extensive nursing services, which substitute all home nursing care. We also provide free transportation, ensuring accessibility to all qualifying children. In this inclusive environment, children gain the invaluable opportunity for socialization, interacting with peers and participating in group activities, which can be vital for their emotional and developmental growth. With personalized case management and coordinated care, every child’s unique medical and developmental needs are met with precision and heartfelt care, ensuring they can explore, learn, and grow in a secure, supportive setting. This creates a healthcare provision and a community where the child’s holistic well-being is nurtured and celebrated.

Who We Care For

Children’s Rehab PPEC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care) stands as a steadfast support for those who qualify for PPEC services and children necessitating professional medical interventions like administering insulin, injections, tube feedings, tracheostomies, and gastrointestinal tubes. Recognizing that premature babies often harbor a risk for developmental issues, our facility is equipped with a dedicated baby room, where infants are provided with cribs and are vigilantly monitored and observed at all times to manage requirements like oxygen support or seizure management. There is a notable overlap, as many children who meet the qualifying medical criteria also experience developmental delays, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities. Catering to these multifaceted needs, Children’s Rehab adopts a special education curriculum and often integrates behavioral health therapy, ensuring that each child’s developmental, medical, and emotional needs are met with equal, unwavering dedication and expertise. We don’t just provide medical care; we nurture growth, development, and learning in a safe, attentive environment.

Who Qualifies for PPEC

Securing qualification for PPEC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care) services, which cater to individuals from birth through age 20, requires the child to be medically fragile or have complex medical needs, while also being medically stable. In general, if a person has already qualified for home health services, they are very likely to meet the criteria for PPEC, given that both typically necessitate a similar baseline of medical need and complexity. An integral note is that to be eligible, a child doesn’t necessarily need to be perpetually unwell but should require ongoing, professional medical supervision, which might be due to chronic conditions, physical limitations, or continual therapeutic needs. Navigating through the qualification pathway might seem daunting, but with the right guidance from Children’s Rehab, a supportive environment can be established for children in need.

How to Apply for PPEC in Florida

  • Initiating the Process:

    • Taking the first step towards securing a nurturing environment for your child at Children’s Rehab PPEC is straightforward, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.
  • Scheduling a Visit and Facility Tour:

    • To explore comprehensive care and schedule a visit to our facility, contact us through our number, email, or complete the contact request form on our website. Our dedicated team will assist you in arranging a convenient time for a facility tour, enabling you to experience first-hand the caring and supportive environment we’ve cultivated.
  • Eligibility Assessment and Insurance Assistance:

    • Skilled professionals will support you in determining if your child qualifies for PPEC services by assessing their needs and navigating through the eligibility criteria. We will also work with your insurance company, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.
  • Exploring Enhanced Care:

    • Together, we can explore the potential of enhancing your child’s care and daily experience, looking forward to welcoming you and exploring the pathways through which we can support and uplift your child’s journey.

Other PPEC Services Included in Extended Care

At Children’s Rehab PPEC, we offer all of our therapies to our PPEC patients. Our comprehensive approach includes up to 12 hours of daily care, including availability on Saturdays and after-school hours until 6pm. We also ensure that each child’s varied needs are addressed under one roof. From specialized nursing care, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, to speech therapy and beneficial recreational activities, our professional team is dedicated to fostering an environment where children can thrive medically, developmentally, and socially. Coupling this with an education program tailored to support and enhance their academic journey, and free transportation to alleviate logistical stresses for families, we strive to be a holistic hub where children receive care and flourish in every aspect. Engage with us and explore how our expansive and inclusive services can make a meaningful difference in the life of your child.

Medical Daycare

Our PPEC medical daycare provides a safe, nurturing environment where medically fragile children can receive expert care while engaging in enriching activities.
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Nursing Care

Our adept nursing team at PPEC delivers compassionate care, ensuring all medical needs of the children are met with expert proficiency around the clock.
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Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy endeavors to enhance a child’s daily living skills, aiding their ability to play, socialize, and perform tasks imperative for school and home life.
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at our facility focuses on improving mobility, strength, and coordination, aiding children in navigating through their physical world with increased ease and confidence.
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Recreational Activities

Our recreational activities provide children with opportunities for play, social interaction, and leisurely pursuits, promoting physical and emotional well-being.
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Free Transportation

Our PPEC facility ensures accessibility through providing free transportation, making it easy for children to attend and receive the care and engagement they need.
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Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy services enhance communication abilities, addressing a range of issues from articulation and fluency to more complex communication challenges.
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Specialized Education

We offer a robust school and education program, ensuring each child continues their learning journey in a manner tailored to their unique needs and abilities.
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PPEC services, including those provided by Children’s Rehab PPEC, are typically funded through Medicaid and some private insurance plans, ensuring that families can access necessary care without bearing the financial burden directly.

Behavioral health therapy is intricately woven into the Children’s Rehab PPEC program, providing individualized strategies that cater to each child’s emotional and developmental needs and ensuring that behavioral health is considered alongside physical and medical care in a holistic approach.

Children at Children’s Rehab PPEC who exhibit behavioral challenges, emotional difficulties, or have specific developmental delays that impact their social and emotional well-being are often the beneficiaries of the integrated behavioral health therapy to ensure a holistic care approach.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s therapy at Children’s Rehab PPEC, through regular updates, involvement in goal-setting, and collaborative planning with the therapeutic team, ensuring continuity and supportive reinforcement of therapeutic strategies at home.

Income eligibility for PPEC services through Medicaid can vary by state; generally, it is determined based on the child’s medical needs and not solely the family’s income, but it’s crucial to check the specific guidelines and criteria applicable in your locality or consult with a Medicaid representative or a social worker for accurate guidance.