Children’s Rehab

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center

A program that provides PPEC nursing care, therapy, and education for medically fragile children.

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center in Miami Gardens

Since 1991, Children’s Rehab, a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care center, has been caring for children ages newborn to 21 whose conditions require continuous PPEC nursing services, education, and therapeutic care. We work to help stabilize and improve a medically fragile child’s condition and to assist their family. Parents get help so they can return to work, go back to school, or care for their other children.

Our nurses, PPEC physical therapists, and teachers provide a wide variety of PPEC services in a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. Children learn in a stimulating environment. Many go on to regular daycare, public or private schools, as their medical conditions improve.

Children’s Rehab has a depth of experience coupled with the required degrees, training, and certifications necessary to provide your child with the utmost care. Our staff includes people of many cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We understand the devastating effect that a disability or catastrophic injury can have on the lives of individuals and their families.

prescribed pediatric extended care center

See What Our Clients Say About Us

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…They go above and beyond to communicate about him. Facility is super clean and spacious. I have done a couple of pop ups and I have NEVER seen an unhappy or mistreated child or employee…
Denise Jaymes
Denise Jaymes
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Phenomenal school that really cares about their students. Very happy with the progress my son has made in the years he’s been enrolled
Shantaria Miller
Shantaria Miller
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My son Sema’j Birkins been good to this school since 1 years old. And it’s the best school for a child with special needs & the staff are amazing 😉
Aida Calviac
Aida Calviac
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More than a PPEC, the place works like a big family. They are all very loving with the children and make them feel at home. It is seen that there is harmony among the staff, they treat each other with great affection and respect...
Muna Sultan
Muna Sultan
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My daughter was approved for 5 months of services with PPEC and with their assistance, I think her health points and outcomes will improve.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Center in Miami Gardens

Our Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care center services, including PPEC free transportation to and from our facility, are covered by Medicaid and private insurances.

There is no cost to you!

Children's Rehab PPEC Services & Medical Daycare Benefits

Nursing Care

Our professional and expert nursing team at Children's Rehab PPEC delivers compassionate care, ensuring all medical needs of the children are met with expert proficiency around the clock.

Behavioral Therapy

Through our PPEC behavioral therapy, we help children develop positive behaviors, social skills, and emotional regulation strategies to improve their interactions and experiences.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at our facility focuses on improving mobility, strength, and coordination, aiding children in navigating through their physical world with increased ease and confidence.

Speech Therapy

Children's Rehab PPEC's speech therapy services enhance communication abilities, addressing a range of issues from articulation and fluency to more complex communication challenges.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy endeavors to enhance a child’s daily living skills, aiding their ability to play, socialize, and perform tasks imperative for school and home life.

Free Transportation Services

Our PPEC facility ensures accessibility through providing free transportation, making it easy for children to attend and receive the care and engagement they need.

Recreational Activities

Our recreational activities provide children with opportunities for play, social interaction, and leisurely pursuits, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Specialized Education

We offer a robust school and education program, ensuring each child continues their learning journey in a manner tailored to their unique needs and abilities.

prescribed pediatric extended care center

Children's Rehab PPEC: Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care

Children’s Rehab PPEC is located in Miami Gardens and serves families from Miami and surrounding areas with Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care services. 

We offer a variety of care options for our PPEC patients including feeding, medication administration, infant monitoring, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and more. 

Our medically fragile children also benefit from PPEC recreational activities for patients and school & education. Families rely on us to transport their children to and from our facility as a complimentary service. 

Our staff includes a dedicated team of CNAs, LPNs, RNs, therapists, and special education teachers. We also have an activities coordinator and social manager who provides parents with text updates, pictures, and videos of your children’s activities throughout the week.